ISDB is strategically positioned in the R&D + I value chain

  • Partnership with technology suppliers in R&D projects, or via consulting contracts to support product development
  • Access to international suppliers of innovative solutions through partnership with  M&O, which also brings in a network of potential investors from Norway
  • Collaboration with top-ranked universities in Brazil

Sucess case: HAI Spin-off

ISDB has on its DNA the development of digital solutions that combine physics-based models and aritificial intelligence to optimize processes and achived better research results. In order to further develop this expertise and the solutions that stem from it, in 2021, in 2021 the first spin-off of ISDB FlowTech was born: HAI ( Hybrid Artificial Intelligence).

HAI supports energy companies with optimization and improvement of their digitalization journey by providing user-centric software and services solutions incorporating State-Of-Art data driven and physics-based models.

  • Taylor Made Hybrid AI Solutions
  • Flexible AI Prototyping
  • AI Augmented Physical Simulations
  • Simulated Digital Twins