Projects are developed carefully to meet the client needs, using professional project management practices with focus on excellent quality, within deadlines and budget. We care for high quality scientific standards, also contributing to knowledge dissemination with publications , participation at conferences and exhibitions and organization of special events

Applied R&D Projects

Scientific solution methods brought to the industry: 1D and CFD modelling and simulation (from reservoir to processing facilities and transport infrasctructure), thermodynamic and PVT modelling, models and software development for taylored applications.

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Specialized Services

Thermodynamic and PVT modelling, Multiphase flow, Numerical laboratory, Software development, Cluster infrastructure, CFD, MATLAB, Programming, FLUENT, LedaFlow, MUTIFLASH, OpenFOAM and more.

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Software development and visualization

We have highly skilled personnel with expertise in the customization of commercial and open-source tools, development of engineering and scientific software and data visualization. This allows the commercial application of R&D project results, adapted to the industry needs.

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international supplier

We have firm partnerships (see partners) with international suppliers, adding value to local projects and facilitating international collaboration through joint public calls or industrial JIPs (Joint Industry Projects).


We provide technical consultancy with state of the art commercial tools on Computational Fluid Dynamics and multiphase flow/flow assurance simulators, thermodynamic packages, as well as in-house software. We also provide clients with unique expertise in multiphase flows, flow assurance and thermodynamics, in order to support product development work flow or advanced engineering problems.