Expertise in

Artificial Lift and
Flow Technology

We offer good expertise in modeling and simulation (1D and CFD) of complex well flows in tubing and associated equipment (pumps, valves, ICDs, etc).

During field development, the use of artificial lifting methods in oil and gas production wells is often necessary.  These may involve, for example, the use of gas lift, Electrical Submersible Pumps (ESPs), etc. In order to support well stream, the injection of production chemicals such as foamers, demulsifiers, inhibitors, is also frequently performed. These aspects contribute to creating complex fluid flow systems in the wells, involving multiphase flows, emulsions, foams, particles, etc.

Multiphase Production
and Flow Assurance

We have in-depth knowledge of multiphase flow technology and flow assurance, model and software development (1D and CFD) and industrial applications.

The simultaneous production of oil and gas in subsea pipelines may save huge investment costs, by dispensing unnecessary plattforms and enabling, for example, long subsea tie-backs or satellite fields tie-ins. Multiphase pipelines may carry oil, gas, water and solids (sand, wax, hydrates, asphaltenes, scales) as different phases, not fully dissolved in each other. The accurate modeling and prediction of flow behavior and phase interaction is extremely important for the design and operation of production systems, specially in scenarios of low operating margins. The term “Flow Assurance” entails the broad expertise area covering the safe and continuous (stable) transport of production fluids from the reservoir to the processing facilities.

Flow in Porous Media /
Reservoir Technology

We combine 1D and Multi-D modeling and simulation, including fundamental understanding of complex fluids and phase behavior, in a multiphysics approach.

While a major part of resources from existing fields has already been produced, finding new oil is becoming more difficult, and new offshore prospects move to increasingly harsher environments. In this scenario, maximizing recovery from existing fields, through improved oil recovery methods becomes extremely important. The understanding of flows in porous media, from the pore scale to the macro scale is fundamental, as well as coupling reservoir and near well flow modeling.