DEEP-FLOW: Rigid risers behavior subjected to intermittent internal flows


Client: Equinor 


The industry still lacks a robust methodology capable of coupling the effect of complex multiphase flow fields in intermittent regimes (under relevant field conditions and obtained through commercial flow assurance simulation tools) with the mechanical and dynamic behavior of deep water riser structures , including the combined effect of external loads.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Development of an in-house global analysis dynamic simulation tools for slender structures (risers, anchor lines, umbilicals and so on);
  • Development of a cloud-base application for the post-processing of multiphase flow assurance simulation results and their coupling a global analysis structure simulator (SIMA Riflex from DNVGL);
  • Investigation of the deep water riser slugging impact on its dynamic and integrity (fatigue damage and life, bending moment distribution, top tension, etc) through extensive parametric simulations using the commercial and in-house global analysis simulators.