Digitalization and production optimization of the Libra field with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Hybrid modelling strategies (physics-informed data-driven models)


Client: Petrobras | Partner: Solution Seeker AS


The pre-salt layer is considered a national priority in Brazil, and Libra the main discovery. With intelligent completion systems and state-of-the-art underwater sensors, technological investments being made in the pre-salt need to be accompanied by adequate instruments that provide the analysis, visualization and interpretation of data enabling so that operators and users can make appropriate decisions in order to optimize the production and useful life of the reservoir. Specific field characteristics (such as the high CO2 content, low temperatures and high pressures, with oils with relevant paraffin content, high Gas-Oil Ratio, among others) contribute to the great complexity of scenarios to be analyzed, and of the models to be developed. The present project aims, therefore, to develop and provide numerical models and hybrid artificial intelligence and applications necessary for the best use of data in favor of efficiency gains in the operation of wells and production systems.

ISDB Flowtech and Solution Seeker are focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (technology still under-used by the oil industry), combined with physical models of production flow, to create a specific software with applications for decision making more efficient by production engineers, with efficiency gains and better financial results for operators in the oil and gas in Brazil.